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Eco shops and websites

Below is a list of eco friendly, zero waste shops and websites that we either buy from personally, buy stock from for our shop or sites we visit often for information & advice.

Please help to support small businesses by shopping local where possible.

Artisan & Eco - Doncaster

7 Bowers Fold, Sunny Bar, Doncaster DN1 1HF, GB
01302943517  /

For refills of food & liquids, cleaning & toiletries and non-food products to help you on your Zero Waste plastic free journey.

Ben & Anna

Ben & Anna believe in sustainability. Organic, natural, vegan, cruelty free and plastic free personal care products including Zero Waste Natural Deodorants, Toothpastes, Powders & Tablets, Shower Tablets, Shampoo Tablets, Sustainable Bamboo Toothbrushes & more.


ecoLiving is a distributor for high-quality sustainable products. We also create some killer zero waste products from our own UK brand ecoLiving. We are committed to stopping microplastic from entering our oceans, all our products are designed to combat waste and plastic pollution.


At EcoVibe we know it's a challenge to go plastic-free. That's we're committed to providing you with alternatives to plastic products you use everyday. We want to make it easy for people to swap traditionally plastic items for natural, biodegradable or reusable versions.

Funky Soap Shop

Original handmade indulgent soap


Eco-friendly, reusable products made from sustainable materials. Handmade in Dorset


Showerblocks are Totally Solid shower gels. Just as bubbly, just as moisturising but totally plastic free! Showers that leave you feeling good both inside and out.

Zero Waste Path

Our products are 100% biodegradable, zero waste, vegan, palm oil free and lovingly made by hand, oh, and they make your hair + skin feel amazing!

Popular sites for eco friendly, zero waste and environmental information

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