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There are so many great reasons to moisturise your entire body and this rich solid lotion bar will give your skin exactly what it needs.

All you have to do is rub this floral-scented bar on damp skin and then massage for optimum absorption and best results. You can do this just after you’ve had a shower in the morning or after you’ve had a long relaxing bath in the evening. Remember, a little bit of this solid lotion moisturiser will go a long way.

This bar is scented with lavender, palmarosa and ylang ylang essential oils, which create a delicate, sweet and floral blend.

Please note: Always avoid keeping this product in the shower. It should be stored in a cool, dry place when not in use.

ZWP Floral Solid Lotion

£7.50 Regular Price
£3.75Sale Price
  • This zero-waste solid lotion bar is made using the following ingredients:

    Cocoa Butter: has intense moisturising and conditioning properties and is absorbed easily into the skin.

    Shea Butter: provides deep nourishment and moisture, which is a perfect treatment for dry skin.

    Sweet Almond Oil: a nourishing oil that’s particularly good for dry and itchy skin.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil: hydrates and moisturises the skin without any risk of clogging the pores.

    Vitamin E Oil: high in antioxidants to support hair growth and maintenance, as well as a healthy scalp and skin.


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