SHOWERBLOCKS are bubbly, hydrating and totally plastic free alternatives to shower gel, here to remove single use plastics from showers all over the UK.

We’ve also partnered with the Toiletries Amnesty because we think that everyone deserves a great shower, no matter their situation. 

SHOWER BLOCKS use 96% naturally derived ingredients, including Palm (RSPO), Coconut, Olive, Hemp, Castor  and Sunflower oils. We also use over 10% moisturisers including vegetable glycerine (rapeseed derived) and fractionated coconut oil. We also use a small amount of fragrance oils and colouring that are not natural, but they add loads of fun and make you smell delicious. You can see the full list of each product’s contents on their own page.

Less Waste - Plastic free shower gel. 2 bottles of plastic waste saved per Block sold.

Soft Skin - Over 10% moisturisers in every Block for totally hydrated skin.

Non Squeak - No squeaky clean feeling normally associated with soap bars...just great feeling skin.

Vegan Friendly - Absolutely no animal based ingredients or testing. Ever.

Paraben free - We are totally paraben free. In fact we're 96% natural ingredients.

On average each person uses 10-14 bottles of gel a year. That doesn’t sound too much when you just look at your own little pile, but imagine what that pile looks like through your immediate family, then your street, your city… and then the whole of the UK. Unfathomable, right?