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We have been supplying magnifiers, lamps and low vision aids from our shop at Woodlands, Doncaster since February 2019, a very successful family business that we have managed since 2004, the company Edward Marcus Ltd being founded in 1945

During the Coronavirus lockdown in 2020 we decided to extend our then shop at Woodlands, Doncaster to utilise the space we had by selling products to help people reduce their single use plastic.

We have personally been using all the eco friendly products we stock for over a year and thought it would be great to open a shop supplying a range of these products, as we were struggling to find anywhere local where we could buy them from.

We appreciate that during these difficult times, making changes to your everyday life is not easy. 

Do not think you have to change everything at once. We started by using soap and shampoo bars instead of buying plastic shower gel and shampoo bottles. It really does start to make you think about how much plastic we put into our recycle bins each week not realising that it has to end up somewhere (usually in a landfill).

In Doncaster we have a population of approximately 310,000 If just half of the people used one bottle of shower gel a month that would mean at least 1.8 million empty plastic bottles of shower gel in a year - from just one town!

We have recently moved premises and unfortunately no longer have a shop, but continue to sell products through our websites

Its time to start making a change - thank you first of all for being here on our site, if you have got this far it means you are looking at making those small changes that really can start to make a big difference.

Please email or telephone if you have any questions or just for a chat.


Best wishes - Simon & Jo

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