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Free Shower Block (worth £4.50) when you spend £10 or over

Please choose your shower block in the soaps section, add to basket and enter 'Shower Block' in the promo code section at checkout - enjoy !

Ben & Anna toothpaste special offer. Was £8.99 - now £6.49!


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Small changes can help to make a big difference

We have been using the products on our site personally for over a year in our aim to reduce our households use of single use plastic. We decided to open our eco friendly, zero waste shop in Doncaster to give people the chance to look at, feel and smell the products before buying.
Our aim is to help you make those small changes that really do have such a large impact on our world and our environment.
We stock a range of eco friendly, vegan, bio degradable, zero waste and cruelty free soap bars, shampoo bars, balms, deodorants, household cleaning products and biodegradable bags on sale from our shop in Doncaster or available to mail order to anywhere in the UK.